After almost fifty years, the Communicator from the original Star Trek series is a reality! Well… sort of….

Hello everyone!

On Tuesday at the San Diego Comic Con, it was unveiled to the public. It’s an exact replica of the Communicator from TOS (The Original Series). It’s used with your phone to be an actual communication device. It’s also uses Bluetooth. It can also be used as a speaker for music or the sounds and effects that come with it. It also is sold with a magnetic stand to recharge it when not in use.

This is a great gift for you or the Star Trek fan in your life. All of the fans will be delighted to have and use such a phone.  It can also be used as a pro[ for the cosplayers out there, too. It’s price is $150. Not bad for something like this. You can pre-order it here. It will ship January of 2016.

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