Ant-Man: Marvel releases another trailer for the upcoming film that helps to make the MCU a bit more diverse.

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Marvel’s at it again bombarding the media with a slew of trailers and advertisement about the upcoming film “Ant-Man”. This time it has a (hopefully) familiar face that we should all recognize. The face is of Christine Everhart (played by Leslie Bibb). She was the Vanity Fair writer that had a “thing” for Tony Stark in the first two Iron Man films. This time she’s the anchor for the in universe media channel WHIH. This is Marvel’s way of making the character of Scott Lang ( played by Paul Rudd) a part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

In the clip, the events following the previous film Avengers: Age Of UltronĀ  are discussed. She even talks about the upcoming release of Scott Lang (Ant-Man) from prison. It states that how his arrest was covered by her ad he associates at the media firm and how it was big news. The PR disaster that the Avengers had following the events of their film is also talked about. This will likely be more backstory for the MCU that will lead into upcoming films.

Enjoy the promo! Until next time!


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