Ant-Man: Marvel’s MCU unexpected reveal! Will it be a hit or miss?

Hello everyone!

This is the latest clip from Ant-Man the upcoming Marvel film. In it a hero is shown. If you don’t want to know who it is, then read no farther. For the “Spoiler-proof” read on. A member of the Avengers is shown. It’s none other than The Falcon.  He’s better known because of his appearance in two films to date, but he’s outsider enough to be placed into this film without too much fanfare. It also sets up Ant–Man’s appearance in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. It also gives the character a connection to the Avengers, since Ant-Man (hank Pym) was one of the original founding members of the team.

So anyway, enjoy the clip and feel free to ask question or to leave comments below. My only gripe is as always. The technology exists to make these characters look as though they’ve walked right out of the comics, but they refuse to do so. It’s always “this is a more realistic version”. That makes no sense, because they’re not real to begin with! They remove just about all that makes it fun and leave bare bones caricatures of what was. It’s not real so have fun with it,  and tell a good story without being bogged down by “realism”. This is the problem with all of the super hero  films of late. Enjoy the clip and see you next time!

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