ANT-MAN: The clips keep coming! Is your interest piqued, yet?

Hello everyone!

This is another announcement about the upcoming film ANT-MAN. These are two more videos that show a bit more about the film and the character. In the first, it shows Scott Lang and his criminal “gang” ( for lack of a better word), as they have just broken back into the place where they had the Heist. The second clip show the nemesis of Ant-Mant, Yellow Jacket. He has an armored suit that’s weaponized and look just plain mean!

The two will have a battle in the film, and a bit of that is shown in the clip. The special effects look good, but the story… I’m not sure if the film will deliver, yet. It may just be because for some peculiar reason, Disney/Marvel decided not to tie this character in with the Avengers movie. For all die hard comic book fans know that Ultron was created by Hank Pym, not Tony Stark. Hank Pym who created Pym Particles that allow him to shrink and grow at will. He is Ant-Man/ Giant Man, Yellow Jacket, and Goliath to name a few. He also created a helmet that allows him to communicate with the aforementioned ants. The Avengers: Rise Of Ultron would have been a great “springboard” for this character’s entrance into the MCU. He is also one of the founding members of The Avengers! Along with Janet Van Dyne ( AKA The Wasp) Only time will tell if their marketing strategy pays off for them.

I hope that you enjoy the clips and stay tuned for more from the universe of Science Fiction And Fantasy! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

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