Star Trek: Online Season 11!!! A New Dawn

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It looks like the Iconian war is coming to a close. It looks like Starfleet will actually be able to get back to exploration. Something that’s been lacking from the game for quite some time now. I’m really looking forward to this new(old) addition to the game. We’ll see what is done to propel that forward very soon!

A new Admiralty system is also being announced. It seems that you will be able to use your inactive ships on missions. It may be like the Duty Officer system that allows you to send non-bridge crew members on missions. Time will tell! Enjoy the video below. Feel free to leave any questions or comments in the section below! Until next time!


Double Suns are real! Kepler 16B is a real planet that’s orbiting two stars!

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Who doesn’t remember the famous scene of Luke Skywalker staring in to the distance to see two suns setting that are visible from Tatooine. It’s a beautiful and moving scene that was once thought only to exist in the realms of science fiction. That fantasy has become a reality. The planet Kepler 16B has been observed by the Kepler telescope as orbiting two suns. Sibling suns (known as binary suns) are not fictional as they were though to be in the past.

Binary suns usually orbit each other every eight to one hundred days. Planets are found when they move across each sun. These planets are known as exoplanets ( a planet that is outside Earth’s  solar system). When the suns move closer together, they become much more difficult to find. Those are known as compact binary systems. The planetary orbital plane of the planets and suns may be completely off so they are invisible to the telescope.

The Kepler telescope is a NASA spacecraft that’s in a heliocentric orbit. That just means that it’s orbiting the sun. It looks for star brightness in the Milky Way region near the constellation of Cygnus (swan). The telescope measures photons. When it measures that the light level has diminished, it means that a planets has passed across the plane of the telescope’s view. A planetary transit has happened.

It’s speculated that sibling suns are part of systems that have lost energy and shrunk. That’s what brought the suns closer together. As the suns move nearer to each other. The orbits of the planets that orbit them become misaligned. That makes it impossible for the telescope to find planets that don’t cross in front of the suns.

This is very exciting news. Star Wars has just taken a step toward reality! Even being in a galaxy, that’s far, far away. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below.

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Supergirl! Do we really need this show? Will it be as popular as The Flash and Arrow?

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I’m back again to talk about a new show that’s supposed to debut in 2016. Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist in the title role. Having seen the promo, I’m not so sure if this is really a good move. The origin story essentially writes Superman out of it by basically giving her his story. I’m not a fan of all of the television hero shows of late. Smallville and all the rest have this weird teen angst in them that makes them unwatchable in my eyes. They are really popular, but how many of those fans actually took the time to read a comic book? Do they really know the stories that made these characters so famous? Or are they learning about the hero through the shows?

I’ve watched this clip and I’m not terribly impressed with what I’ve seen. It really doesn’t look all that important. Supergirl was always a secondary character. Superman was like her mentor and her showed her the ways of being a hero. If she’s doing all on her own, does that make the character irrelevant? Who will the villains be? Will it just be Superman in a skirt? The promo shows some special effects that seem to be there just to showcase that they’re there.

Give it a look and tell me what you think. Please leave any comments or questions below.

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Damien: Another take on an old film. Can this be any good?

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Also shown at SDCC, was this trailer. It’s from an upcoming show called “Damien”. It’s based on the 1976 film “The Omen”. Damien for all intents is the “Beast”. Along with the number that he has on his person. The ubiquitous 666! There were two sequels to that film which this A&E series decides to forget (probably not such a bad idea). Interesting choice for the A&E network, indeed. Even though it has horror at it’s heart, this show should also be a hit with conspiracy theory fans. Take a look at the trailer below and see what you think. Are you ready to take the journey with Damien? Or will you let this one get buried? A&E has green lighted ten episodes for the show.

It could be an interesting idea since the conspiracy based shows really haven’t been on the air in quite some time, now. The success of this show could change that. If done right it could be fun. We just have to wait and see what they have in store for us. Let’s just hope that it will at least be a departure from what we’ve seen before. Nothing new under the sun and all that aside, hope springs eternal. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. Until next time.

Fantastic Four: Fantastic or fantastic flop?

Hello everyone!

These are the two latest trailers for the new Fantastic Four film. This is a remake/reboot/re-imagining (I HATE those monikers!) of the film franchise. From what I’ve seen, I’m not impressed at all with what they’ve shown. It looks absolutely TERRIBLE! More special effects and a very light story. Moreover, the actors themselves look bored! Especially Miles Teller (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic). Just take a look at the movie poster to see what I mean.

20th Century Fox HAS to make a film or the rights to the films will revert back to Marvel/Disney. With all of the great writing in the Marvel Universe, there’s a chance to make any of the characters into a great franchise. It just has yet to be done. There are so many people who only know these characters from the film versions. They never took the the time (and won’t after seeing these films) to read the source material. That’s a real shame. They don’t know what they’re missing and they accept this stuff as being great. The scripts have already been written for the studios but they refuse to use them. I long for the day when we have a completely faithful film adaptation of one of these…. I’m waxing poetic again…. Sigh….

I bear no malice towards any of the actors, though. They’re there to earn a paycheck and hope to advance their respective careers. The writers and directors, though are another matter. They churn out this schlock without the slightest regard for the source material. SO many “rebooted” franchises come to mind. Not all of them are comic book based, sadly. Well, take a look and tell me what you think. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. Until Net time!

American Horror Story: New teaser clip! Are you ready?

Hello everyone!

This is a new clip from the upcoming installment of the American Horror franchise: American Horror Story: Hotel. It’s a very short clip to whet the appetite of fans and to draw in new viewers. Lady Gaga has a role in the new series as do Matt Bomer and Finn Wittrock. What do you think? Does it make you want more? Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. Until next time! Enjoy!

Ant-Man: Marvel’s MCU unexpected reveal! Will it be a hit or miss?

Hello everyone!

This is the latest clip from Ant-Man the upcoming Marvel film. In it a hero is shown. If you don’t want to know who it is, then read no farther. For the “Spoiler-proof” read on. A member of the Avengers is shown. It’s none other than The Falcon.  He’s better known because of his appearance in two films to date, but he’s outsider enough to be placed into this film without too much fanfare. It also sets up Ant–Man’s appearance in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. It also gives the character a connection to the Avengers, since Ant-Man (hank Pym) was one of the original founding members of the team.

So anyway, enjoy the clip and feel free to ask question or to leave comments below. My only gripe is as always. The technology exists to make these characters look as though they’ve walked right out of the comics, but they refuse to do so. It’s always “this is a more realistic version”. That makes no sense, because they’re not real to begin with! They remove just about all that makes it fun and leave bare bones caricatures of what was. It’s not real so have fun with it,  and tell a good story without being bogged down by “realism”. This is the problem with all of the super hero  films of late. Enjoy the clip and see you next time!

Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures! The title says it all!

Hello everyone!

At the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) just last week, DC Collectibles announced a brand new line of action figures based on Batman: The Animated Series. This is exciting news for fans of the show and of Batman in general. The show itself was on the air about two decades ago, and it remains as popular as ever. This is the sixth wave in the popular line of characters.

It will include: Commissioner Jim Gordon, Zatanna, Ra’s Al Ghul, Etrigan The Demon and Klarion The Witch Boy. The Commissioner, Zatanna and Ra’s Al Ghul will look like they did in Batman: The Animated series, while Etrigan and Klarion will look like they did in The New Batman Adventures the later incarnation of the series. Also announced are Anti-Fire Batman, Clayface, Firefly and Harley Quinn.

The clip below showcases figures that have been released and those yet to be. They are also releasing figures based on the popular video game series from DC Entertainment. It’s a stand alone series that’s it’s own story with the latest offering, Arkham Knight. Great games for sure! Man-Bat, Azrael, Professor Pyg, Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, Commissioner Jim Gordon and a two pack set with Oracle and Batgirl.

This is great news for all Batman figure collectors and for Batman fans in general. DC Collectibles are always top notch and they are a cut above the rest. They always make great replicas that don’t disappoint. Get ready for some great action figures in the upcoming months, so stay tuned! Feel free to ask any questions or to leave comments below!

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Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice New trailer with more footage!

Hello everyone!

This is the newest trailer from the upcoming film Batman V Superman. Director Zack Snyder is at the helm for this look into the DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe). It shows Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot).

I’m not sure what you guys think about this, but to me it looks terrible. It continues down the path of the previous Man Of Steel that was released before. No one really “looks” the part. I know that your supposed to suspend your disbelief, but this remains to been seen if it will deliver. As always, the effects are good. But what else would you expect form a 2016 film? Zack Snyder is known for his action films like The 300 and Sucker Punch. Both of which didn’t appeal to me. This appears to be more of the same. Action for action’s sake. I hope that I’m proven wrong, but time will tell.

What do you think? Is this a film for you? Is it something that really whets your appetite for more? Or do you agree with me that this is like all of the recent comic book films. Just more of the smae non-sense? Feel free to leave your comments and questions below. Without further ado, the aforementioned clip.

Until next time!

ANT-MAN: The clips keep coming! Is your interest piqued, yet?

Hello everyone!

This is another announcement about the upcoming film ANT-MAN. These are two more videos that show a bit more about the film and the character. In the first, it shows Scott Lang and his criminal “gang” ( for lack of a better word), as they have just broken back into the place where they had the Heist. The second clip show the nemesis of Ant-Mant, Yellow Jacket. He has an armored suit that’s weaponized and look just plain mean!

The two will have a battle in the film, and a bit of that is shown in the clip. The special effects look good, but the story… I’m not sure if the film will deliver, yet. It may just be because for some peculiar reason, Disney/Marvel decided not to tie this character in with the Avengers movie. For all die hard comic book fans know that Ultron was created by Hank Pym, not Tony Stark. Hank Pym who created Pym Particles that allow him to shrink and grow at will. He is Ant-Man/ Giant Man, Yellow Jacket, and Goliath to name a few. He also created a helmet that allows him to communicate with the aforementioned ants. The Avengers: Rise Of Ultron would have been a great “springboard” for this character’s entrance into the MCU. He is also one of the founding members of The Avengers! Along with Janet Van Dyne ( AKA The Wasp) Only time will tell if their marketing strategy pays off for them.

I hope that you enjoy the clips and stay tuned for more from the universe of Science Fiction And Fantasy! Feel free to leave any questions or comments below!

Until next time!