Ant-Man: Clip Number Three! A bit more about the character of Scott Lang.

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Here is yet another clip form the upcoming film: Ant-Man. This one gives a bit more back story about the character of Scott Lang (Paul Rudd). It’s kind of cool to learn that he’s a scientist and not just a garden variety crook. It lends credence to why he was chosen as the hero that he’s to become.

This may turn out to be as popular as the Guardians Of The Galaxy that preceded it. Marvel (Disney) is introducing as many characters as they can to reap the benefits of box office gold . Scott Lang will also make an appearance in the upcoming film: Captain America: Civil War. Enjoy the clip and stay tuned! More is yet to come!

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After almost fifty years, the Communicator from the original Star Trek series is a reality! Well… sort of….

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On Tuesday at the San Diego Comic Con, it was unveiled to the public. It’s an exact replica of the Communicator from TOS (The Original Series). It’s used with your phone to be an actual communication device. It’s also uses Bluetooth. It can also be used as a speaker for music or the sounds and effects that come with it. It also is sold with a magnetic stand to recharge it when not in use.

This is a great gift for you or the Star Trek fan in your life. All of the fans will be delighted to have and use such a phone.  It can also be used as a pro[ for the cosplayers out there, too. It’s price is $150. Not bad for something like this. You can pre-order it here. It will ship January of 2016.

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Ant-Man: The newest star of the MCU has another film clip released!

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Another clip from the upcoming film Ant-Man has been released. This time around it shows Scott Lang A.K.A. Ant-Man performing a heist. The name of the clip is also called The Heist. It showcases the abilities of the character. He breaks into a safe and he sees the Ant-Man suit for the first time. At the end of the clip, however, it appears that the heist is being watched by someone. The camera itself appears to be on a insect…? Maybe this isn’t as it first appears? Time will tell. Enjoy the clip and feel free to add any comments or questions below!

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Ant-Man: Marvel releases another trailer for the upcoming film that helps to make the MCU a bit more diverse.

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Marvel’s at it again bombarding the media with a slew of trailers and advertisement about the upcoming film “Ant-Man”. This time it has a (hopefully) familiar face that we should all recognize. The face is of Christine Everhart (played by Leslie Bibb). She was the Vanity Fair writer that had a “thing” for Tony Stark in the first two Iron Man films. This time she’s the anchor for the in universe media channel WHIH. This is Marvel’s way of making the character of Scott Lang ( played by Paul Rudd) a part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

In the clip, the events following the previous film Avengers: Age Of Ultron  are discussed. She even talks about the upcoming release of Scott Lang (Ant-Man) from prison. It states that how his arrest was covered by her ad he associates at the media firm and how it was big news. The PR disaster that the Avengers had following the events of their film is also talked about. This will likely be more backstory for the MCU that will lead into upcoming films.

Enjoy the promo! Until next time!


The Scientific Secrets Of Doctor Who: A new publication that showcases the famous and popular show.

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There’s a brand new publication out called The Scientific Secrets Of Doctor Who.  It appears to be a publication that has brand new short stories, lots of quotations from the show itself and actual writing that explains the aforementioned science. My brother’s a Doctor Who superfan (especially of the classic Who). So I’ll defer to his expertise on the quotes and such.

This book is also fashioned after another famous work literary work The Science Of Discworld of which four volumes were published.The authors of the book are Simon Gurrier and Dr. Marek Kukula. They even begin the book with a quote from themselves! “This isn’t a book about what bits of science  Doctor Who got right or wrong, It is designed like the TARDIS, to be a book that’s bigger on the inside”! WOW! That’s a bold statement to make about a published and finite piece of literary work! The book itself is made up of three different sections. They are titled Space, Time and Humanity, respectively.

I would give this book a once over. It’s the second book to discuss the science behind the show. The first was The Science Of Doctor Who by Paul Parsons. The difference is that this one includes brand new material (the short stories). It’s an introduction to the science that’s in the show and it has some new fiction to digest. Most Doctor Who fans (myself included) are interested in both. The many quotations also make the book a fun read and speak to longtime fans as well. I’m a fan of the classic Who and think that the newer incarnations have strayed a bit from what made Doctor Who SO classic. The book seems to feel the opposite way. That having been said it’s still worth a look!

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Star Trek: Online Season Ten!!!!!

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Star Trek: Online has made it to Season 10!!!! Wow it’s really progressed from where it began a little more than five years ago.

See my earlier posts for a look at how things have advanced. This is a short post. The Summer event on Risa begins today. There are events and lots to do there. It’s an annual event so grab your powerboard and floater and hit the beach! I hope to see you all there! Until next time!






Zero Emission Hyper Sonic Transport: London to Japan in three hours?!

Hello everyone! I’m back!!!!!

The Zero Emission Hyper Sonic Transport ( or ZEHST for short) is a project that was unveiled about four years ago. Timely? Yes! This will be the wave of the future! I just found out about it only recently, though… EADS (European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company) were the creators of this lofty project. As of January 2014, EADS is now known as the Airbus Group. It was on June 18, 2011, that this was made public at the Air Show in Le Bourget, France.

The ZEHST is designed to travel at four times the speed of sound ( Mach 4 which is 5,000 kilometers per hour/3125 miles per hour), fly to an altitude of 32 kilometers/20 miles while having a passenger capacity of 50 to 100 people. It plans to do this by utilizing three different propulsion systems in unison. It will use conventional turbofans for the initial takeoff and to a velocity of Mach 0.8. It will then use rocket engines to accelerate to Mach 2.5. Then the two ramjets ( located under the wings) will increase the speed to Mach 4. The fuel is a combination of seaweed (biofuel) and oxygen and hydrogen. When these are burned the exhaust will be an environmentally friendly combustion that creates water as the end result .

The ZEHST is envisioned as a modern replacement for the famous Concorde that precedes it. It also looks a lot like its famous predecessor! The Concorde remains the only successful Mach 2 airliner in human history. Boeing had the aborted Boeing 2707 and Russia had the unsuccessful Tupolev Tu-144 (also known as “Concordeski”) It was a dream of the 1960s that managed to fly well into the 21st century. It had a problem with Sonic Booms that made overland flights impossible. The ZEHST will avoid this by using turbofans to take off with the same amount of noise as a conventional jetliner. The Concorde’s Rolls Royce Olympus engines has an afterburner that allowed it to accelerate like a military aircraft. It could also “Supercruise“. That is to travel above Mach 1 (supersonic) without the use of afterburners. It was an aeronautical marvel that is sorely missed by all who are aviation fanatics (yours truly included).

As wonderful and exciting as this concept is, it’s also about 40 (yes, that’s right!) years away from becoming a reality. 2050 is the expected date of service for it. A futuristic transport that’s truly in the future! I hope to hear more about this soon. Who knows? They may even surprise us with a release date that’s a lot sooner that we could imagine! I, for one, am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for this one! Until next time!

The wreck of the IJN Musashi has been located!

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I’m back after a long hiatus. First I’d like to wish William Shatner a belated Happy Birthday. He turned 84 years of age on March 22nd. I hope that he has a lot more to go!

But the really important find is that Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and his research team have located the wreck of the IJN Musashi! It was found in the Sibuyan Sea off the Philippines. The Battle of the Sibuyan Sea is when the Musashi was sunk back in October 24, 1944. He used a remotely piloted underwater vehicle that was controlled and dispatched from his yacht the Octopus.

The IJN (Imperial Japanese Navy) Musashi is the sister ship tho the famous IJN Yamato. They are the two largest, heaviest and most powerfully armed battleships of WW II.  Only two were ever built. The third the IJN Shinano was turned into an aircraft carrier partly through her construction phase. The Shinano was sunk by the Balao class submarine U.S.S. Archerfish on November 28th, 1944. At 74,000 tons, the Shinano remains the largest ship ever sunk by a submarine to date.

The Yamato and Musashi each displaced 74,000 tonnes and were armed with nine 46 cm (18.1 inch) Type 94 guns. The U.S. Iowa class battleship (all which still survive) displaced 45,000 tons and were armed with nine 16 inch (405 mm)/50-caliber Mark 7 naval guns. The Iowa was the most advanced battleship that the US had at the time and it remains so to this day.

The Yamato has even inspired a science fiction anime. The famous Space Battleship Yamato ( Uchuu Senkan Yamato, a personal favorite). The Kure shipyards where the Yamato and her sister were built has a 1/10 scale model of the WW II battleship in the Yamato museum, housed there. It also has a section dedicated to Uchuu Senkan Yamato as well.

The Yamato and Musashi have always had a notable presence on the Japanese culture. Both ships were the pinnacle of Japanese naval engineering at the time. Their sinking has also been portrayed many times in Japanese modern culture. The Yamato’s last mission is a symbol of heroism and selflessness that shows the sailors futile attempt to protect their country. The name Yamato is the ancient name for Japan. So it takes on a more important relevance. The destruction of the Yamato can be seen as a symbolic end of Japan itself.




Live Long And Prosper! R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

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I just wanted to take the time to mention the passing of a Science Fiction icon. Leonard Nimoy. Best known and remembered as Mr. Spock. He originated the role and was the first Vulcan seen in the Star Trek universe. Only he and the late Mark Lenard were able to really portray the role of a Vulcan with such aplomb and dignity.

The role of Spock is important because he’s the outsider that’s trying to fit in to a society to which he’s a part. So many people could relate to him from so many different backgrounds. He was also the judge of humanity that was always able to step back and take a non-partisan view of how far we had or hadn’t progressed. He was also able to be a part of the inner circle while still being the aforementioned outsider. A truly groundbreaking character whose impact is immeasurable.

Mr Nimoy was also a writer, poet and artist in the real world. He even directed Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. He was in Mission: Impossible, Sea Hunt, The Twilight Zone and the 1958 sci -fi film Them just to name a few. He was also in In Search Of and the JJ Abrams series Fringe. He also the only original series star to be in the JJ Abrams directed Star Trek films.

His impact on the world is to great to really mention in this short post. I saw him in the original Star Trek series that I was introduced to by my late father. I enjoyed the episodes all throughout my life and they’ve been a great source of inspiration to me. They got me through some tough times and I can’t thank Mr. Nimoy and the rest of the cast and crew enough for making my life a much better place. This website is a tribute to them and all others who have changed the world with their imagination and creativity.

Thanks for stopping to read my post. Until next time! To absent friends…

How To Write For Star Trek!

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This is a little gem that I found while searching the internet. The 1967 Star Trek Writers/Directors Guide! This is something that should have been followed by all subsequent Star Trek anything. It tells how you should write a story that not only is compelling, but makes sense. It also states how you shouldn’t get caught up in or be bogged down by “technobabble”. Really in depth explanations about an object or technology. The later Treks are NOTORIOUS for this.

It also shows how a show is to be written on a budget and how it has to keep a certain amount of viewers coming back for more. The best way is to tell a story as you would in any other genre. Be it a Western, a crime drama, a period piece, etc. Make sure that there is a “family” of characters that the audience will care about, and put them in interesting and exciting situations.

A lot of the later Treks really moved away from this. This is one of the reasons that the original Star Trek has been popular for nearly FIFTY years! The original series ( or TOS as it’s become known) is a story driven drama. The later shows and films are character driven, instead. A huge mistake in my book. You don’t have a timeless tale to compel you, instead the characters themselves are the focus. Most of the time this is poorly done ( The Next Generation especially is guilty of this or TNG) and the shows are uninteresting and fall flat. Deep Space Nine (DS 9), Voyager and Enterprise are guilty of this to some degree, but TNG is by far the worst offender.

I hope that this will be an interesting look at a speculative fiction classic. It’s also a look at how a television series of the past was created and made relevant to this very day. Good writing, i.e., a good story should always be the most important thing. Special effects and the like should always take a back seat to the story. It’s why Star Trek, The Twilight Zone and so many others are still loved after all this time. They managed to do so much more with less in those days/ Their work really paid off and it left most of us wanting so much more.

Enjoy it and until next time! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!