Star Citizen Review – The Future Of Space Simulations

  • Product: Star Citizen
  • Price: Varies – $30 for base package all the way to $10,000 for the top
  • Cheapest place to buy: (only place)
  • Size of package:  TBD for the physical item
  • Guarantee:  Cloud Imperium Games has great customer service!
  • My Rating: 9.0 out of 10 (TBD)

The Star Citizen Product Review

As I child I would look in awe and wonder at the television or movie screen. Space battles and the ship that were participating in them were (and still are) the stuff of dreams. I wished that I could join the heroes on the screen and take part in the battles that I saw. Growing up and to this very day. Space ships and the like are a great source of inspiration and entertainment. Video games have come a long way in helping me and millions of others to live the dream Star Citizen promises to do this for us on a grand scale.

It’s a video game? But it’s not even out yet?

Star Citizen is a new space sim that’s the brainchild of legendary games designer Chris Roberts. He watched Star Wars as a child and has been striving to bring that vision to the game world. He made classic games such as the Wing Commander series, Starlancer and Freelancer just to name a few. Those games still have fanatic followings to this very day.

Each of them were groundbreaking in their immersive game world that made the player feel like he/she was the star of a Hollywood blockbuster film and not a video game. Each was an example of how the technology could be pushed to limit at the time.

Star Citizen is on a whole new level. It really has to be seen to be believed. It will allow the player to live any role that they wish to be. With no limits. It’s not a traditional MMORPG that limits what you can do. There won’t even be a leveling system. Pilot skill will be the determining factor. It’s still being worked on as I write this blog.

Can a video game REALLY be that good?

In a nutshell, YES! It still has to be released. There are packages that you can buy that will allow you to not only back the game’s production costs, they will allow you to take part in the Alpha and Beta testing stages. Also any ships (game packages) are purchased now will be usable in the game and in the later testing phases.

Mr. Roberts has promised a lot. It look like he is on schedule to deliver. A multi crew ship, racing and FPS (First Person Shooter) are all scheduled to be released soon. This is STILL the Alpha phase as well! Star Citizen is the most successful crowd funding campaign in history. Many people (myself included) are on board with the vision.

I’m hooked! Are you?

This will revolutionize the gaming industry. The transparency with which the project is being run. The contact will the developers is unheard of in a game of this scope. The forums and feedback from the community is REALLY being listened to and taken into account with decisions being made for the game. There is a game package for everyone. It just depends on what you can afford. It allows you to be part of something groundbreaking and truly special.

That having been written, the game will only be made for PC (Mac and Linux are also being developed). There will never be a console port of this game. That leaves out a lot of hard core console fans. Also it’s still in the development stage and the release date is a least a year or two away. Even with those strike against it, I HIGHLY recommend Star Citizen. This truly seem to be the space sim that we’ve been waiting for all of this time. I’m willing to wait for what promises to be the “Best damn space sim ever!”. If it looks appealing to you, then head over to the website and become a citizen today. you won’t be disappointed. See you around the ‘verse!

P.S. The game is being created with modding in mind! Modding is when a player creates and introduces new DLC (Downloadable Content) into the game universe. It can be ships, weapons, vehicles, armor, buildings, uniforms/clothing, etc. This will give the game unlimited re-playability. Chris Roberts has stated that players can host their own servers with the new content. If it’s good enough, players can vote to have it in the ‘verse!

Feel free to leave a comment or question below, please,  and I will get back to you soon



The future…

Hello everyone. You may have noticed that this is my first blog in over two months. I here to say that I’m back and ready to do great things here! My father passed away on June 28th of this year. He had been in the hospital for three weeks before that, He had been ill for about three months before that. So I had let this lapse to help my mother take care of him.

Now I don’t have any reason not to do this. His loss is even more of a reason to do well. I owe it to myself and his memory. With that, wish me the best of luck and full speed ahead!

I know that I can succeed, I just need to get back here now a finish what I started. I’m off once again… Chat with you very soon!

Anime and manga

Anime and manga are some things that are near and dear to my heart. Some of the most memorable science fiction and fantasy stories are from these two mediums. In some ways, the genre wouldn’t be the same without them. The flair and presentation are like nothing else that the western world has seen before. The cultural difference makes them all the more alluring.

The great thing is that there’s SO much to choose from! There’s just about something for everyone. Science fiction, fantasy, love stories, high school drama, sports, driving, racing, etc. The list just goes on and on. If you haven’t given it a try, you really should. You’re missing out on one of the greatest modern storytelling tools available. try it. You won’t be disappointed.



Online madness!

Hello everyone. I just wanted to take some time and mention that the web is a great place to look for just about anything. When you do a search, the universe is at your fingertips. It’s amazing what you can find if you just look. Science fiction and fantasy are just one of the many genres that can be found with a web search. Toys, games and collectibles are there. As is anime and manga. There also some with a video game focus. Others are more or less everything that you can think of at once, or just a general website that encompasses all. If you take the time to look for something, you’ll be sure to find it. It’s part of the fun of searching online. You never know what you’ll find. Take care, have fun and most of all Happy Searching!

Star Citizen! Great new PC space simulator! Visit the official site!


Hello everyone! Ian here. I’ve been researching and finding out about a brand new PC game/simulator that is planned for release sometime in late 2014 or early 2015. The name of it is Star Citizen. It will be released for the PC only! There will be no console port.

It will allow the player to create a character and to live out any dreams that he/she may have. The level of detail and immersion are something that have never been seen in a video game/simulation before. It’s completely crowd funded so there are no big publishers waiting to dilute the quality of the experience.

This will be the last word in space simulations or that’s the promise. Chris Roberts and the team at Cloud Imperium Games, have a lot on their plate, and they plan to deliver. This is the space sim that we hardcore fanatics of the genre have been patiently waiting for, and it look like it’s almost here. Roberts Space Industries looks to change the way that space sims are made and played. There is an almost unheard of level of developer and fan feedback and communication. The big developers could really learn a lot from this.

The future looks bright and we’re here to reap the benefits. More to come…!


Master of my destiny.

My start and stop…

Hello everyone! This is my third blog. I remember when I only read but didn’t do this at all! I have been having a trying time making content for this website. So far, it hasn’t come easily. I should write a relevant post, but this what I have to say.

I’m doing my best to balance this between a dull and boring daily job. I’m also in the process of learning Japanese, IT tech and Blender. I have a very full plate and I don’t know where to begin…

Reboot 1.0

So here’s what I ‘ve decided…!

  1.  I have to get off my duff and start to do this. This is my dream to be able to do what I love and not to have to work for someone else. If I don’t make it happen, no one else will.
  2. I’m going to do everything in my power to succeed. Even if that means (get ready for the  big drum roll)…   Asking for help!!!
  3. It’s not the impossible dream that I originally though it to be. I can really do this! It’s going to need to have help and guidance from others, but it can be done!

I am the master of my own destiny.

This blog is a wake up call and a reinforcement of my drive and motivation to succeed. Others before me have done it, so there’s nothing keeping me from doing the same. I want this… I need this! It will get me out of the rut that has kept me from feeling and being fulfilled. I hope that by inspiring myself, that I can inspire others to take control of their own futures. It will be be a journey… It all begins with that first important step!

Happy Birthday Aiyana!!!!

I’m back!!!!

Titanfall promotional mechaHello everyone! I’m back after a long three week hiatus. I’m doing my day job… Enough about that. This is going to be my first attempt at adding media to a post, so bear with me, please. 🙂  I’m going to try to add the media to two different locations so here goes nothing.


Welcome to the internet!!!!! To my website!

X-02Hello everyone!  Ian here and I thought that I’d take the time to explain the motivation behind the website. I’m a fan of the genre and I’d love to share my love for it with others who feel the same. It would be great to introduce others to this exciting medium.

Science Fiction (or Sci-Fi) is something that has been used a s a story telling medium since at least the Nineteenth century. It give the writer a way to tell stories that are fantastic yet still relate to the target audience. You can use something imagined or on the edge of reality to move the story along. It can be a minor plot device, or an entire universe that is created. The past, present and future can all be settings for the worlds of Science Fiction. It has also been listed as Speculative Fiction as well. The two terms are interchangeable so either may be used.

Fantasy is something that has been around even longer. Going back to at least the epic of Gilgamesh (that we know about anyway). Tales of past, present and future can all be told in the fantasy genre. It just depends on one’s preferences.

Both can also encompass all of drama’s usual norms. The best and most memorable always do. The human condition is a great source of drama and one of the best sources of it. Humans have an amazing range of emotions and personalities from which much can be written about.

Once again, welcome and I hope that this journey takes us both on a great adventure!