Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures! The title says it all!

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At the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) just last week, DC Collectibles announced a brand new line of action figures based on Batman: The Animated Series. This is exciting news for fans of the show and of Batman in general. The show itself was on the air about two decades ago, and it remains as popular as ever. This is the sixth wave in the popular line of characters.

It will include: Commissioner Jim Gordon, Zatanna, Ra’s Al Ghul, Etrigan The Demon and Klarion The Witch Boy. The Commissioner, Zatanna and Ra’s Al Ghul will look like they did in Batman: The Animated series, while Etrigan and Klarion will look like they did in The New Batman Adventures the later incarnation of the series. Also announced are Anti-Fire Batman, Clayface, Firefly and Harley Quinn.

The clip below showcases figures that have been released and those yet to be. They are also releasing figures based on the popular video game series from DC Entertainment. It’s a stand alone series that’s it’s own story with the latest offering, Arkham Knight. Great games for sure! Man-Bat, Azrael, Professor Pyg, Catwoman, Robin, Nightwing, Commissioner Jim Gordon and a two pack set with Oracle and Batgirl.

This is great news for all Batman figure collectors and for Batman fans in general. DC Collectibles are always top notch and they are a cut above the rest. They always make great replicas that don’t disappoint. Get ready for some great action figures in the upcoming months, so stay tuned! Feel free to ask any questions or to leave comments below!

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