Welcome to the internet!!!!! To my website!

X-02Hello everyone! ┬áIan here and I thought that I’d take the time to explain the motivation behind the website. I’m a fan of the genre and I’d love to share my love for it with others who feel the same. It would be great to introduce others to this exciting medium.

Science Fiction (or Sci-Fi) is something that has been used a s a story telling medium since at least the Nineteenth century. It give the writer a way to tell stories that are fantastic yet still relate to the target audience. You can use something imagined or on the edge of reality to move the story along. It can be a minor plot device, or an entire universe that is created. The past, present and future can all be settings for the worlds of Science Fiction. It has also been listed as Speculative Fiction as well. The two terms are interchangeable so either may be used.

Fantasy is something that has been around even longer. Going back to at least the epic of Gilgamesh (that we know about anyway). Tales of past, present and future can all be told in the fantasy genre. It just depends on one’s preferences.

Both can also encompass all of drama’s usual norms. The best and most memorable always do. The human condition is a great source of drama and one of the best sources of it. Humans have an amazing range of emotions and personalities from which much can be written about.

Once again, welcome and I hope that this journey takes us both on a great adventure!