Fantastic Four: Fantastic or fantastic flop?

Hello everyone!

These are the two latest trailers for the new Fantastic Four film. This is a remake/reboot/re-imagining (I HATE those monikers!) of the film franchise. From what I’ve seen, I’m not impressed at all with what they’ve shown. It looks absolutely TERRIBLE! More special effects and a very light story. Moreover, the actors themselves look bored! Especially Miles Teller (Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic). Just take a look at the movie poster to see what I mean.

20th Century Fox HAS to make a film or the rights to the films will revert back to Marvel/Disney. With all of the great writing in the Marvel Universe, there’s a chance to make any of the characters into a great franchise. It just has yet to be done. There are so many people who only know these characters from the film versions. They never took the the time (and won’t after seeing these films) to read the source material. That’s a real shame. They don’t know what they’re missing and they accept this stuff as being great. The scripts have already been written for the studios but they refuse to use them. I long for the day when we have a completely faithful film adaptation of one of these…. I’m waxing poetic again…. Sigh….

I bear no malice towards any of the actors, though. They’re there to earn a paycheck and hope to advance their respective careers. The writers and directors, though are another matter. They churn out this schlock without the slightest regard for the source material. SO many “rebooted” franchises come to mind. Not all of them are comic book based, sadly. Well, take a look and tell me what you think. Feel free to leave any questions or comments below. Until Net time!

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