Live Long And Prosper! R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy (1931-2015)

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to take the time to mention the passing of a Science Fiction icon. Leonard Nimoy. Best known and remembered as Mr. Spock. He originated the role and was the first Vulcan seen in the Star Trek universe. Only he and the late Mark Lenard were able to really portray the role of a Vulcan with such aplomb and dignity.

The role of Spock is important because he’s the outsider that’s trying to fit in to a society to which he’s a part. So many people could relate to him from so many different backgrounds. He was also the judge of humanity that was always able to step back and take a non-partisan view of how far we had or hadn’t progressed. He was also able to be a part of the inner circle while still being the aforementioned outsider. A truly groundbreaking character whose impact is immeasurable.

Mr Nimoy was also a writer, poet and artist in the real world. He even directed Star Trek III: The Search For Spock. He was in Mission: Impossible, Sea Hunt, The Twilight Zone and the 1958 sci -fi film Them just to name a few. He was also in In Search Of and the JJ Abrams series Fringe. He also the only original series star to be in the JJ Abrams directed Star Trek films.

His impact on the world is to great to really mention in this short post. I saw him in the original Star Trek series that I was introduced to by my late father. I enjoyed the episodes all throughout my life and they’ve been a great source of inspiration to me. They got me through some tough times and I can’t thank Mr. Nimoy and the rest of the cast and crew enough for making my life a much better place. This website is a tribute to them and all others who have changed the world with their imagination and creativity.

Thanks for stopping to read my post. Until next time! To absent friends…

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  1. I’m very glad you posted this tribute. The part that really strikes home for me in this post is about his character, Spock — a magnificent, brilliant person who was often considered an outsider by both of his cultures, but ends up being proud of both and doing amazing things. Also like you said, Leonard Nimroy’s work and contributions to the entertainment industry have left a lasting, inspirational impact on the future and all of us. As always, great post! Looking forward to the next one!

    • You’re welcome L! The contributions of the character and the actor are too great to mention. I didn’t want the tribute to be too verbose or to overshadow what has been done by others, but just a view from one of his many fans.
      I’m glad that you liked it! Stay tuned! More’s on the way!

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