Motion Pictures

Motion pictures are very popular. They are some people’s introduction to a franchise or character in Science Fiction and Fantasy. It’s a great way to get out of the house and still have fun! For we who enjoy the genre there are many big budget choices that weren’t available even a few years ago. Each year Hollywood is spending more money to make more money. Either way special effects budgets have gone through the proverbial “roof”!

A budget of $200 Million or more is commonplace nowadays. I just wish that more studios would concentrate on story more than special effects. But I digress…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANautilusByWikiFredSkyfleet_S570_model_front-right_National_Motor_Museum,_BeaulieuSkyfleet_S570_model_front-left_National_Motor_Museum,_BeaulieuStar_Trek_-_Enterprise_D_Shuttle800px-MIG31-Firefox800px-Jessica_Biel_Stealth800px-ASW_Fake_FA37_2800px-ASW_Fake_FA37_1

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