Star Trek: Online Season Ten!!!!!

Hello everyone!

Star Trek: Online has made it to Season 10!!!! Wow it’s really progressed from where it began a little more than five years ago.

See my earlier posts for a look at how things have advanced. This is a short post. The Summer event on Risa begins today. There are events and lots to do there. It’s an annual event so grab your powerboard and floater and hit the beach! I hope to see you all there! Until next time!






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  1. COOOOOOL!!!! That’s awesome that it’s been going on for 10 seasons now. Very impressive! I looked up more about the Risa event. It sounds really fun!

    • Hello L! It really has been ten seasons. It’s come a long way from the early days. Yes! The Risa event’s a blast! They did a great job of doing it and the Winter event. A must see and do!

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