Television is one of the most accessible forms of media to most people. It’s even available online. You just turn on, tune in, and drop out (or in for that matter)! Fantasy and Science Fiction are everywhere to be found on the “tube”. Everything from series, films, merchandise, etc. You think of it and it’s there.

It would be nice to see some more story driven plots instead of the more common character driven variety. The story is the main ingredient in a well told tale. The story is what drives the characters along, not the other way.  800px-1960s_Batmobile_on_a_trailer   800px-Bat'leth  800px-Knight_Rider_-_The_Original     1960s_Batmobile_(FMC) 1960s_Batmobile_(Ottawa_Classic_&_Custom_Car_Show_'13) 1982_Pontiac_Firebird_Trans_Am Batmobile Batmobile_from_2003_Car_Exhibition  Corgi_1960's_Batmobile Jejtaj    Pontiac_Trans_Am_Knight_Rider_(6267122258)  Saratogacomicon_Fred_Hembeck_batmobile_1_photo_by_ADD-790097   Star_Trek_-_Enterprise_D_Shuttle Sword_of_Kahless  USD205998 Woodward_Dream_Cruise_Batmobile
Entertainment Earth

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