The Scientific Secrets Of Doctor Who: A new publication that showcases the famous and popular show.

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There’s a brand new publication out called The Scientific Secrets Of Doctor Who.¬† It appears to be a publication that has brand new short stories, lots of quotations from the show itself and actual writing that explains the aforementioned science. My brother’s a Doctor Who superfan (especially of the classic Who). So I’ll defer to his expertise on the quotes and such.

This book is also fashioned after another famous work literary work The Science Of Discworld of which four volumes were published.The authors of the book are Simon Gurrier and Dr. Marek Kukula. They even begin the book with a quote from themselves! “This isn’t a book about what bits of science¬† Doctor Who got right or wrong, It is designed like the TARDIS, to be a book that’s bigger on the inside”! WOW! That’s a bold statement to make about a published and finite piece of literary work! The book itself is made up of three different sections. They are titled Space, Time and Humanity, respectively.

I would give this book a once over. It’s the second book to discuss the science behind the show. The first was The Science Of Doctor Who by Paul Parsons. The difference is that this one includes brand new material (the short stories). It’s an introduction to the science that’s in the show and it has some new fiction to digest. Most Doctor Who fans (myself included) are interested in both. The many quotations also make the book a fun read and speak to longtime fans as well. I’m a fan of the classic Who and think that the newer incarnations have strayed a bit from what made Doctor Who SO classic. The book seems to feel the opposite way. That having been said it’s still worth a look!

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  1. This sounds like something that could really enhance a fan’s viewing of the show. One of my cousins is really into Doctor Who and “sciencey” stuff and would definitely enjoy this.

    • Hello L!
      Yes! If your cousin is a Whovian, then this is the book for that individual! There’s lots for science fans as well. It’s presented in an introductory style so it should be a great read for anyone WHO has the interest!

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